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Welcome and I hope we meet in Germany in September and October

If you wanna see photos of me and my band go to this page:

Two days left - on Saturday we start the tour in Germany in Austria.
Look under the shows menu for more details.
Hope to see you!

I'm in Gothenburg and today I will run in the forest to the
tunes of "Don't be scared". I think the video, directed by
Jonas Gramming, will be extremely cool!

Me, Matilda and Cornelia visited the big paper Expressen, we played
"Don't be scared" and "From now on no 2" in their web tv show XL Live.

The swedish magazine Svenska Dagbladet visited me in the studio.
Me and Cornelia played "Don't be scared" and "I don't believe in love".
Will be posted at their website soon. And the radio station P3 still has my song
"Berlin" on rotation - that's great!

Today I played for three hours at the Financial Department, at their Christmas Party.
That was... interesting.

Today I made a guest appearance at the big music radio show "P3 Populär".
Hanna Fahl was really nice and happily P3 love my first single "Berlin".

Release party for my new album "Paris to Berlin" on Strand in Stockholm.

You can now buy the single "Berlin" on iTunes.

This week P3 added my first single "Berlin" to their playlist.

These days I prepair for the tour in November (3-14th) in Germany.
Hope to see you there!

I was one of the guests at Ray Cokes Show in Hamburg during the Reeperbahn Festival.
It was so much fun! Look here:

My third album "Paris to Berlin" is now ready!
Release in GAS+Spain 29th of October
In Sweden 26th of November

In February I will do it again!
I follow Friska Viljor on their five last shows in Germany
(they are going on a one month long tour).
I'll have a three woman band with me;
Cornelia Adamson, Josefin Granstrand and Matilda Johansson.
See you in Germany!

Now Daniel starts to my third album, and I have a good feeling about it!
Very good and talented guest artists, and a record very far from my two first records.

In November this fall I will go with Friska Viljor and William the Contractor on a tour in
Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Look at the "Shows" menu for more details.

Today we started recorded my third album. Mats Björke from Mando Diao will produce it,
and it will probably be released in the beginning of 2010, when I'm leaving Stockholm for Berlin.

I'm now writing new songs for my third album! I start with a beat instead
of sitting with the guitar. I think it will be more a pop album than a alt-country album.

My releaseparty for the album "Real Love" will be celebrated at Teater Pero in Stockholm
(Sveavägen 114) the 17th of April! Book tickets at 08-6129900.
Fore more information: visit

Visit MySpace if you want to listen to two tracks taken from my upcoming
album "Real Love"; "Sister - stand up" and " A change is coming". Hope you like them!

My second album is now finished and it will be released the 29th of April.
The album is called "Real Love".

Many people have asked when my second album is going to be released and
I didn't lie to you in August, everything was recorded at that time! The thing is,
Daniel, who's the producer of the album, was on tour during the whole fall,
that's because both you and I had to wait. So just hang on, this spring it will be released!
And by the way: Thank's to the best audience in the world, everyone at
"Borta bra men hemma bäst" at Harrys in Värnamo yesterday!
It was, as always, a really good night just before Christmas!

I can now tell you that almost everything to my second album is recorded!
Then it's only the mixing part left. Next Saturday we will take the cover photos.
The photographer will be my talented friend Christian Rockström.

I've been on the most interesting and exciting tour/journey ever!
Yesterday I went back home to Sweden after nine days in Palestine and Israel.
I collaborated with very talented artists such as Saz, Hassan and Bassam Bayrumi.
We played in Betlehem, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.
Thank you BILDA for making this journey possible.

The gig last night at Teater Pero was fantastic! For the first time I danced and sang at
the same time. The group that I dance with every Friday joined at it was such a
nice and cool experience! Thank's to everybody who made this evening soo wonderful.
Special thanks to Mats Nordenborg and Joel Sjödin - great work!

My album "A new time, a new life, a new religion" goes really good in Spain.
Lots of songs from it are rotating on national radio and they buy my records. I like!

In July this summer me and my band are going to Palestine! We will play on a big festival
called Dandanat in Betlehem.I'm really looking forward to it!

In the end of March I will start record my second album! All the songs are ready
and I'm really looking forward to start the work. Me and Daniel are the producers again.

The last show for the tour was at "På Besök" in Malmö. The tour was really great!
Many people came, listened, and seemed to enjoy my music. I'm so happy
about that. Thank you Stephi and Bibo at Kitty-Go.

In Vienna (Austria) I met Barbara Matthews from the radiostation FM4 and we made
an interview. In the evening we played at B72.

The first show 2008 was so crowded! A great beginning. Thank you everybody
who came to Sparte 4 in Saarbruecken in Germany!

Happy New Year!
I celebrate New Years Eve in Berlin with my band, my sister Sophie and Katrine.

I played at Radio Einz in Potsdam today together with Magnus, my guitarist on the tour.
In the evening we made one of the most interesting shows ever; on the club "Live in the living" in Berlin.
In someones appartment people are invited and we play for them in their livingroom.
Very cool idea!

Me and Katrine Ottosens tour "In between the days" starts at the club
"About Songs" at Gruner Jäger in Hamburg.

Yesterday we (me and my sister Sophie) worked hard. But it's really worth it. Our club
"Borta bra men hemma bäst" in our hometown Värnamo was, again,
a big success. Thank's everybody for coming, see you next year!

My debut album "A new time, a new life, a new religion" is released in
Germany, Austria and Switzerland today!

P4 Radio Jönköping recorded my gig at klubb "About Time" at Gnistan in Jönköping today.
The gig will be aired in the radio show "Stereo" in December.

The gig at Underbara Bar tonight together with Rebellorkestern was really nice.
I sang to of my songs, "You shook me all night long" and "Joy".
I really have to practise harmonica more often so I can play as good as Niclas Malmqvist.
But probably I'll never be...

Tonight Lucinda Williams played at Berns in Stockholm. She really inspired me so tomorrow
I think I have to write a song in the "Those three day"-spirit.

Yesterday we made a great gig at Charlottenlund in the deep forest in Småland.
Thank's for coming, I really appreciate that! And a BIG thank you to Ola Skoogh who is such
a nice and warm person. People like you makes me wanna play all night long.

The booking agency "Kitty-Go Booking" in Berlin, Germany and me will start work together.
The cooperation will start with a tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the 26th of December-07
til the 11th of January-08 together with the danish singer Katrine Ottosen.

Me, Calle and Mackan met today and started the work with my new songs.
I think it can be good, but it's really difficult to tell you how it will sound... It's exciting!

Today I started to write songs to my second album. Music that inspires me at the moment is
The Solution, Tom Waits, Rod Stewart and Mavis Staples.

My first gig in France! It felt really good although I played on a heavy metal guitar...
I wish that clubs in Sweden could learn from clubs around Europe and give the bands
some appreciation. Good food, good drinks, and, MONEY! Thank you La Fleche d'Or!

P4 stations all around Sweden starts to play my single "Good time" in Sweden.

I think that the gig at Musik Scenario was one of my best ever -
A big THANK YOU to my band and to the audience for the energy.
You can't describe in words how meaningful a good gig is.

Releaseparty for my ep "Good Time EP" at Stampen in Old Town, Stockholm.
The best birthday ever, thank's to all of you who made this evening
to a great party! And thank's to my band:
Mackan, Calle, Johan and Ted - You are the best!

This evening I saw the amazing and wonderful Dolly Parton. I just have to say
how wonderful she is. What a voice! She has written some of the greatest lovesongs ever.
Go to concerts and get inspired!

My new ep called "Good Time EP" is now ready!
When I write this it's in Austria for the final work with it. In a few weeks we'll have a releaseparty.
Soon you will know where...

Thank's to everybody who made the evening on Harrys in my hometown Värnamo
to such a great night. From now on the club "Borta bra men hemma bast" is a tradition.

Tomorrow me and my amazing band are going to record three new songs.
It will end up in an ep and Crying Bob will release it in the beginning of November.

This week (37-06) I'm the artist of the week on Sveriges Radio P4 Jönköping.
Everyday at 10.30 one song from my album will be played.

Today me and my sister are going out on our "streetmusician-tour" for one month.
So if you live in Berlin, Dublin or Barcelona maybe we'll see you in the streets!

My album"A new life, a new time, a new religion" hits #29 on the Swedish album chart!!!
Buy it and help me stay another week.
Kisses /Lena

I visited Malmoe to shoot my first video to the upcoming single "Good Time"
directed by the very talented Jonas Gramming.

My first post ever! Feel very welcome to my official homepage. We (me, my band and Daniel) have worked very hard the latest six months, and now it’s ready, my first solo album. Wihoo! I’m very proud of it and I hope you like as much as I do. This page will grow with the time, but we have to start somewhere. Enjoy as much as you can!